Spring is coming very soon and it is now time to bring the indoors outside the home. Here are some simple tips to make the exterior of the home cozy and welcoming. HGTV talked with a couple of home designers to give people an idea on how to properly design an outdoor space.

According to designer Heather Lashbrook Jones of a Blade of Grass Landscape Design, it is important to design outdoor spaces for all seasons. Outdoor space is one of the places inside the home where one can relax and get away from all the stress.

To begin designing outdoor spaces, the homeowner must first think of what he or she wants and prioritize it. It is important to think about the homeowner's lifestyle and how the outdoor space will be used. Will it be used for outdoor living only or will it also be used for gatherings and other occasions? The purpose of the outdoor space will determine the kind of furniture and design it should have.

Houzz suggested tips on choosing flexible pieces for outdoor furniture and decorations. It is also important to look into lighting fixtures if evening gatherings or dinners are also anticipated. Aside from that, always look for ways to balance everything out. Soften furniture by adding cushions and pillows with complementary colors.

It is also important to note that the outdoor space must be a place for cozy conversations, so it should be in a "U" or "O" shape so that people can properly talk with each other. One can also break the space so that there will be different outdoor areas in case there is an outdoor kitchen or grill.

Lastly, it is important to be true to the home's style. It is important that the outdoor space is balanced with the style of the home so that it will look stunning and stylish.