House Selling Advice: How Can Your Neighbors Affect Your Home Sale?

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Feb 18, 2016 06:20 AM EST
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So you're living in a neighborhood that is not entirely the best block in the entire lot. Mindlessly, they are the less-cooperative people that you know and you both shared some love-hate situations in the past. How can your neighbors affect your ways in selling your home? A lot.

According to Realtor based on Appraisal Institute, they said that your neighbors could even be the reason that the price of your home can pull down 10%. Ouch! 10% is a fairly good amount of money.

Meanwhile, Mainstreet defines what a "bad" neighbor really is and it literally describes a person which is highly inconsiderate in all terms and would not care about keeping their own property in good state.

"A bad neighbor is one that has no consideration for the rest of the community," suggested in the article based on Co-founder of Pordes Residential Sales & Marketing Mindy Pordes. "For example, someone who doesn't take care of the outside appearance of the home, such as the gardening, painting of the outside of the home, roof, garbage and general upkeep. In addition, a bad neighbor may have constant visitors taking up parking spaces, perhaps on the street, loud house parties, dogs that bark all night or stray cats lingering around."

In which proven ways can you deal with these type of people?

Seek Legal Help

It is important to seek legal help especially if you want to sell your house but this is still due on how "extremely" bad your neighbor is. Try to disclose this necessary information with your real estate agent and even your hired lawyer so that you'll know the necessary steps to do with this scenario.

Ask your Homeowners Association to do the Job for you

If your neighbors are in no way of changing their acts, the association that manages your village can help you with this. You can seek their assistance in cleaning up the mess your neighbors made and they could even file their own claims using the "laws" of the association.

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