House Selling Tips: 5 Unwritten Etiquette Rules Every Home Seller Should Know

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Jan 27, 2016 06:40 AM EST
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Selling your home and ready to exchange keys with the new homeowners? Or are you still preparing some paperworks for the listing of your house? Before you get the approval of your home's listing, learn some basics on how to ready yourself when the prospective buyer visits and checks your house.

Realtor prepared some easy to follow etiquette as a guide for home sellers.

1. Leave

First off, simply "leave" the house. Make some space for your buyers to fully see your entire home without feeling the pressure because of your presence. This will make them feel at ease in inspecting and reviewing your home's potential.

"Buyers don't feel as comfortable when the owner is at the home watching their every move," said Nicholas Kensington of Scottsdale Real Estate from the outlet. "Get out of their way so that they can start to picture themselves living there instead of being spied on."

2. Take your pets with you

The sight of your dogs barking or even chasing your prospective buyers is ultimately embarrassing so before inviting your buyers to see your home, take away your dogs or cats. Clear them out of the way or make an appointment to the grooming salon.

Brenda Hayward, a realtor with Coldwell Banker also advised  "To say nothing of the stress it puts on your beloved pet. Take your mutt for a car ride, to the dog park, or for a long walk. It will do you both good."

3. Move your car

Leave ample space in your parking area so that your house' visitors can easily park. This will make your visitors expect less hassle and make a stress-free entry to your home.

"Make it easy for visitors to park and view the home," noted Kensington. "No one likes parking issues. Having them is a sure way to get a viewing off to a bad start."

4. Lay out important documents

Finding necessary documents might need some time to take out and if you've not ready it beforehand, you may even lose some. As a great tip given by Kensington, "Leaving necessary documents in an easy-to-find spot isn't just good for selling, it's also good selling etiquette. Put out the home inspection report, appraisal, home warranty, monthly bill information-gas, oil, electric-and proof of any major repairs are all good things to let people look through when they are considering buying your home."

5. Offer some refreshments

Make your guests feel welcome by offering some drinks, coffee, tea, cookies, and biscuits. This is just a little effort but it will make a good impression for your guests.

"Putting out a few small bottled waters in a small bowl of ice is always appreciated, along with some light, easy grab-and-go sort of refreshments like mints or cookies," says Cara Ameer, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker.

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