A bathroom can either be the best part or the worst part of the house because of its designs and furnishings. Home owners could have done several pet peeves while designing their own house.

Curbed has mentioned about bathroom design pet peeves. Designing and decorating your home particularly your bathroom can be fun or stressful. It depends on how you do it.

A bathroom is one of those intimate places of your house, which requires careful thought when planning, designing, and furnishing it. One minor false move can totally be annoying in your lifetime, unless you have renovated or removed, which also in turn can be costly.

One of the many things that you need careful thought is choosing a bathtub. Today, a freestanding bathtub is the trend in modern bathroom design. As noted, "The freestanding tub-that is, one that's not built into the wall on any side nor combined with a shower up top."

Yes, it is a popular choice but you can't just have it because everyone has it in their home. You need to consider that it is a piece that makes a "bold statement" in your bathroom, and it requires a larger space, although some would truly squeeze this furnishing in cramped space. Thus, can be annoying after awhile because it would be so hard to clean all sides, and or walk around the bathroom.

Home Portfolio also identifies some bathroom design pet peeves. One of which is the window installed near the shower. Some people fail to keep a distance between the window and the shower. While the window is necessary to let in light and provide ventilation, putting it too close to shower spray is a disaster. The window sill would serve as a catch basin for the water splashes.

Another annoying furnishing in the bathroom is installing Broadway-style lightings. While it looks nice in dressing room, it's quite a bit harsh putting one in your bathroom. It is annoying that your face would be hit with blinding lights as your get up early in the morning.

Do you have any bathroom design pet peeves? Share your insights in the comment box below.