Are you looking for gadgets to make your apartment more organized? Here are a few of the most life-changing products that can bring-in twists to your daily activities. These can beautify, simplify, and even add different elements to your life.

Grassy Organizer ($8.99)

This rectangular, unassuming silicone grass patch is every organizer's dream accessory. Designed simply, the bristles are packed tightly and, though thin, it can hold up almost anything from pencils to toothbrushes. This can be a perfect feature in bathroom sinks and computer tables.

Wooden Docking Station ($24.99)

The royal rosewood one-dock for Apple watches, tablets, and smartphones can remove the possible hassles of finding devices. You can place all your gadgets in one place. The Apple watch's stand comes with a detachable charging cable. A functional and stylish docking station, this gives an additional modern flair to any apartment.

Running-Away Alarm Clock ($33.94)

This alarm clock has features that can really make you get up and out of the bed. It can roll out from your nightstand up to three feet away, while looking for a better place to station while the ringing continues.

LED Night Light ($37.99)

Useful and quirky, this night light can change its colors while fading away as you sleep deeper. This is great for both adults and kids, since it has light up balls that can be detached to glow even in the dark for 30 minutes; hence, bathroom breaks are easily accomplished. Its LED technology makes sure that safety is priority.

Fish Tank ($59.99)

Managing this garden requires mastery. Engineered and designed sustainably, the fish waste is what provides the plants its needed nutrients, while they clean the water in return. The tank is excellent for just any kind of herb like chives, parsley, and basil. It can also provide a home to six different herbs.

Smart Body Analyzer ($149)

A detailed health monitor, the analyzer can accurately measure heart rate, body fat percentage, and weight, while checking quality of room air, nonstop. It works with an app, and the data uploads automatically to your phones through wi-fi or bluetooth.