Survey Shows That Buying or Selling a House Is Nearly as Stressful as Getting a Divorce

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Jan 13, 2016 09:18 AM EST
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A new report claims finding a home is nearly as stressful as getting divorced.

According to Daily Mail, a new survey shows that while eight of 10 people find divorce a very nerve-wrecking time, seven out of 10 people find buying or selling a house just as stressful. The survey conducted by Which? among 2,000 respondents in the U.K., having a child, changing jobs and arranging care for an elderly relative are not as hard as the first two events. Broken down, 69 percent of those who bought houses claim that it is very stressful. That is only 1 percent less than the 70 percent who sold their residential properties. Those who say divorce is the most stressful are at 78 percent.

Daily Mail quotes David Blake at Which? Mortgage Advisers, "We're a nation obsessed with homeownership, but when it comes to buying or selling, our research shows that it can be an incredibly stressful process."

From the results of the Which? survey, the other stressful life events besides divorce and selling or buying a house are: arranging care for an elderly relative (1,182), 68 percent; having a child (1,398), 53 percent; changing jobs (1,839), 49 percent; getting married (1,652), 40 percent; finding a school for your child (1,262), 36 percent; retiring from work (1,160), 22 percent; and buying a new car (1,820), 17 percent.

But there is a remedy to the stress caused by buying or selling a house. The stress can mainly come from the associated costs or losses from these two events. Then again, being knowledgeable in these two activities will be a breeze so it would help to bust the myths that can ruin your chances to buy or sell a home, especially at the right price. In most cases, it is best to find a reliable real estate agent to get you through this very important financial milestone.

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