Something unique is noticeable in some of the condos in Brooklyn and that's because they are made of metal exteriors. The condominiums are made of metals from top to bottom. These kinds of houses are mostly found in Bond Street on the Gowanus-Boerum Hill border, 16th Street and Sixth Avenue in Park Slope as well as in Park Avenue in Clinton Hill, Eighth Avenue near Windsor Terrace and also in Wyckoff Street in Boerum Hill.

According to The New York Times, the Brooklyn real estate is doing well and has been beautifully restored. What is noticeable in some houses in Brooklyn is that they are clad in metals. Some homeowners in Brooklyn are renovating and building their houses using metal exteriors. Homeowners opted for it because it is affordable, durable, sleek and has great modern look and feel.

Jeff Etelamaki, the principal of Etelamaki Architecture in Brooklyn, said that "When you talk about corrugated metal, it's hard for some people to look beyond the image of a rusty shed."

Etelamaki was part of the major renovation in South Slope area. He replaced the old stone faced exteriors of the condos with galvanized sheet metal. As he said, the new front of the house "has a great texture and gives the building a very contemporary look."

Metal siding has been used in the city for commercial and industrial complexes but hardly used for residential exteriors. Katie Janness, an expert on building materials shared that an estimated 6 to 7 percent of the overall residential used metal cladding in North America. Most of it were aluminium siding. This is the one usually used because it resembles wooden clapboards. The use of metal cladding is not to follow traditional construction look but to come up with an artistic metallic approach.

Janness shared that "You do see some statement homes that use metal siding, and the assumption is that there's a demographic shift; these owners skew young." She added, "If you want something modern, you're not going to get that from wood or vinyl."

Meanwhile, an architect couple Sarah Jefferys and Stewart Osborne used around $15,000 worth of interlocking stainless-steel tiles on their home in Wyckoff Street in Boerum Hill. Sarah shared that she loves how the metal faced captures the light in their house.

Jefferys said "The metal has a luminous, sculptural quality." She added, "The house can change color depending on the time of day or year, along with the weather."

The clad metals exteriors in the houses in Brooklyn seem to make residential area look more modern and interesting.