Trend Watch: 3D Listing Photos To Simmer Up Real Estate Marketing

Posted by Rapti Gupta on Oct 08, 2014 04:37 AM EDT
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After professional photography, staged and aerial pictures and even trailers, a new trend is all set to take over the real estate marketing world – 3D listing photos. (Photo : Matt Neale / Flickr Creative Commons)

After professional photography, staged and aerial pictures, and trailers, a new trend is all set to take over the real estate marketing world - 3D listing photos.

According to Realtor Magazine, the trend of using three-dimension photos to market a home is slowly gaining traction. In fact, Redfin - the Seattle-based property firm - has already tied up with Matterport cameras to capture 3D photos of a home and put them together to create a virtual tour of a real home with interactive technology.

"Buyers are always looking for more information, and there's only so much we can give them with informational fact sheets and 2-D photos," Bree Al-Rashid, managing broker of Redfin's Seattle operation, told the magazine.

"It's great that [Matterport] allows us to give them more information. It's a big differentiator from other agents and brokerages, and it's just plain cool," he added.

Graham Wood for Realtor Magazine explains that there are certain aspects to consider like sellers' privacy and security, when marketing homes using 3D data.

Real estate marketing has taken sharp turns at several levels with technological advancements. The entire experience of pitching a house to prospective buyers has taken a completely different angle. Old school solicited home tours are gone.

recent study by VHT Studios, one of the largest real estate photography firms in the United States, found that homes with professional interior photos sold 32 percent faster than those that didn't have an expert behind the lens. Listing agents are also using the mini aircrafts or drones to take aerial photos of homes and use them to boost sales.

In the modern era of technology, staged home videos have also become popular where the realtors tell a story while using all the features of the house giving it a movie-like feeling.

Some realtors believe that videos will help maximize the number of audience a seller usually reaches to. Curt Hahn, CEO of Filmhouse, believes that videos could help people fall in love with homes that they never considered earlier, according to an earlier feature on ABC News.

But it's not just that. The home has to be authentic to its pitched promises. Experts assert that it's important that a buyer inspects a property physically before making a final purchase decision because "nothing beats the naked eye", according to Highlands Today.

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