A lot of people have been wondering how they could decorate their own home for the coming year. Experts advised to focus more on functionality, versatility and innovation in structures and materials for home décor next year.

Lushome mentioned 11 tips on what kind of furniture people should have for their homes, which they should read before getting a new one from any stores around.

Tip number one mentioned "innovative ideas in structures and materials, space saving and exotic forms, multifunctional design, practicality and bright upholstery fabrics." 

By mixing the modern trends of furniture designs properly, they can offer their homes a sense of beauty and uniqueness. That is, if mixed appropriately. "Contemporary materials, bright upholstery fabrics and innovative frames that revolutionize the industry and offer beautiful, multifunctional and practical home decorating ideas," the same source said.

Second, consider adding some eco-friendly products inside the home to create that rustic/chic vibe and relaxing feel to the home. 

Third, try adding some exotic Asian and African interior decorating. They can also add some other cultural-related art inside their houses to make that exotic feel. They can also try the Scandinavian designs for unique accents. These kinds of accents can turn into something extraordinary contemporary furniture design.

Fourth, part of the unique and modern furniture design ideas is adding Art Noveau and Art Deco décor styles which bring myriads of beautiful room furniture items in the market. They create diversity from the diverse cultures in the world.

Fifth, try experimenting amazing home furnishing. To do this, they should consult some experts for this one. However, they can do contemporary materials which match the Green technology at the same time. "Aesthetics of eco-friendly products for home decorating is one of the most popular modern furniture design trends for 2016," Lushome stated.

Sixth, use metal alloys, concrete, plastics and fiber, and incorporating fresh materials to create stunning modern furniture from these scraps to add accents. This is the practical side. They can also use scraps of wood, natural stone, metal and plastic for accents, too.

Seventh, blend new juicy and bright colors, textures and shapes with the materials and technological methods to make eco-friendly products. This will allow the house owners to create that fresh feel and gorgeous look in their modern home.

Eighth, in terms of texture, they can also incorporate straight and soft curvy lines to modern furniture. This can be achieved through combining various materials at the same time with some glass and metal. At least, there would be perfectly unique and beautiful home decors to add.

Ninth, modern furniture also concerns about the upholstery. With that, they can also use the natural fibers like linen, cotton, wool, silk, high quality leather and synthetic fibers to create that neutral colors or bright hues combined. That will make stunning furnitures with durability guaranteed.

Tenth, space should also be taken into consideration. Part of 2016's modern furniture and home design trends is the practicality on the use of space inside the house. This is because, in these times, buying tiny homes have become one of the trendy housing issue, so, definitely space is a concern.

To make furniture look less spacious, they should add some blended simple geometric shapes and straight lines to create that versatility on them.

Lastly, the eleventh tip, they should also take note if these pieces of furniture inside the house are easy to carry. They should use some lightweight but durable materials to achieve this one.