‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ Stars Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung Are Dating? [Rumors]

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Dec 15, 2015 11:17 PM EST
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It's Okay, That's Love - Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung Kissing Scenemore big
Screen grab: It's Okay, That's Love - Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung Kissing Scene (Photo : YouTube: Kwangvatar Giraffe)

Rumors are making rounds that the "It's Okay, That's Love" stars Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung are bringing their romance into real life. Are they dating?

According to KDrama Stars, Lee Kwang Soo, who is a regular in "Running Man" was flustered when his variety show colleagues asked him about his dating life during a game called "Of Course."

"You once did a drama with someone who started off calling you oppa but eventually called you honey, right?" Wang Ji Hye asked Lee Kwang Soo, obviously pertaining to Lee Sung Kyung. He was caught off guard with the question and said, "There aren't many people who played my younger sister."

And then Lee Sung Kyung guest star in "Running Man" and Yoo Jae Suk said, "Oh, is she Kwang Soo's special person, the one Wang Ji Hye was talking about?"

If Lee Kwang Soo talks a lot about the actress as Haha revealed on the show, Lee Sung Kyung also has good to say about the actor.

Back in 2014, Lee Sung Kyung told Newsen (via mwave), "Lee Kwang Soo oppa didn't have the same image as the one from SBS's Running Man. He was serious in everything he did and was always considerate of those around him. I think he felt more responsible because he acted out a character with Tourette Syndrome, which could be a sensitive role. He told me that he acted with a sense of mission in order to show help heal those suffering from the syndrome, instead of hurting them."

Fans seem to be pleased with the couple being together. One wrote on Twitter, "LMAO Jae Suk bringing up Lee Sung Kyung has Kwang Soo getting all flustered and Seo Joon cracking up xD LOVE IT! #RunningMan."

Lee Kwang Soo is set to have a cameo appearance in "Descendants of the Sun," while Lee Sung Kyung can be seen on "Cheese in the Trap.

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