"Resident Evil" new game titles were introduced to the diehard gamers which will be released this 2016. Pre-orders were already slated along with Capcom's freebies for the early birds. However, the Xbox 360 format is not included.

According to Yibada, Capcom, the game developer behind the successful "Resident Evil" franchise, announced that there will be a remastered "Resident Evil O." The remastered game will arrive on January 19 in the US and 22 in Europe.

Capcom also added that they will be giving freebies to those who will do pre-orders. These freebies include costumes for Rebecca and Billy, in-game T-shirt for Rebecca and Wolf Force, and a cheerleader outfit. These will be made available except in Xbox 360.

Cool new special features will also be included like the alternate modern control system and the Wesker Mode Players. In this mode, the "Resident Evil" players will have the chance to play in the villain's point of view.

What comes after the "Resident Evil O" is another Capcom's "Resident Evil HD" which will be given in their limited edition package. The pricing is not yet available, Yibada reported.

"Resident Evil" franchise is originally released in 2002 and developed by Capcom. Digital Trends stated that this gameplay is made for Nintendo's GameCube and later ported to Nintendo Wii. In the moment, it can be played across platforms with two new titles for release.

The same source added that the "Resident Evil O" is a follow up to Capcom's "Resident Evil HD" which was also released for consoles and PCs. Due to its success, the game developing team decided to make upgrades which then named as "Resident Evil O: HD Remaster" which highlights the updated visuals, widescreen support and a new control scheme.

"Resident Evil O" is run by a "Partner Zapping System" which means that the players are allowed to swap between its two playable protagonists in real time.

Capcom's "Resident Evil" game titles can be enjoyed in different platforms like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.