When Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "Eat, Pray, Love", decided to sell her Italianate Victorian home, she gave us all a personal tour into the beautiful residence and showed us some pretty amazing nooks and corners of her house that normally, people wouldn't notice.

There were secret cabinets on the side of the fireplace and a "Skybrary - library in the sky," which is basically an attic that looks like it grew there and wasn't just built there.

Also didn't Harry Potter, the great wizard who defeated the undefeatable, live in a room under the stairs in his aunt Petunia's house?

Features like these invoke a sense of mystery and curiosity, and the trend seems to have seeped in among today's home owners. A recent story by The Wall Street Journal sheds light on the growing trend of building secret rooms in a house.

"...these spaces are increasingly popular in homes, with owners installing them for reasons of design, security and just plain fun," the feature explains.

Most of the people hide their secret rooms behind giant book cases that can be opened just by moving an object. But, people have come up with many other creative ideas like a basement parking garage, a Narnia-like closet that opens into playrooms, dining areas, secret gardens and much more.

Most people use these secret spaces for security reasons. Storage is also another major cause.

Installing these secret spaces in the house could cost anything from $2,500 to $100,000, depending on the size and scope of your secret room.

Check out a few pictures of secret spaces we compiled from Zillow Digs below:

1. The Calssic Bookcase

2. The Secret Wine Cellar (seller?)

3.Revolving Wooden Walls

4, Secret Pickles!

5. Wine Down Under

6. Closet Master Bedroom

6. Water Sanctuary

7. Secret Eden