Smart technology is not only being introduced in mobile and communication devices. A large part of the smart technology industry is also penetrating homes and office, offering smart security systems worldwide.

Several advancements have already been adopted in many security features and devices available for homes. As the need for home security increases, the need for control functions and a better surveillance system rises.

According to Yahoo Finance, security service providers have already managed to address installation complexities, technical malfunctions, troubleshooting and maintenance issues experienced in the past. These make security solution systems achieve their utmost efficiency at present.

The home security solutions market predicts that it will achieve a market size of $30,293 million by the year 2022. This number includes hardware, software and services that revolve around a complete security solution system for homes and offices.

Wireless security will still be the top choice when it comes to security features for homes. It does not require wires and holes punched into walls, and the system is very easy to install, as described by Top Home Security Systems. It can also cover as many security points as possible without the risks of wires being cut by potential trespassers.

Some companies charge owners for monitoring home security. Nowadays, the homeowners themselves can do the job, minus the extra cost, with self-monitoring alarm systems. An alert will be sent to the owners' mobile device or PC. Homeowners can even turn the alarm off during false emergencies with just a simple text message.

Video technology is also one of the most common trends in the home security market. Videos gathered from this monitoring system can now be transferred to mobile devices and computers, making it accessible anywhere at any time of the day.

Home automation is also one of the most efficient but also the most costly among the security systems available for homes. This system offers full control, including turning off appliances as well as humidity controls in a house.

Home security systems are still expected to evolve in the coming years as they try to adapt to the changes the technology brings and offers. According to experts, smarter, smaller and more efficient devices will soon be welcomed and will dominate the home security market.