Shaquille O’Neal sold his Florida mansion for $10!

Posted by Rapti Gupta on Jun 09, 2014 08:02 AM EDT
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Shaquille O’Neal, the multi-talented now-retired NBA player, who works as an analyst on “Inside The NBA,” has reportedly sold his mansion in Orlando, Fla., for $10! (Photo : Reuters)

Shaquille O'Neal - the multi-talented, now-retired NBA player - who works as an analyst on "Inside The NBA", has reportedly sold his mansion in Orlando, Fla., for $10.

Citing some legal documents, TMZ reports that Shaq sold the residence to a man named Yves Paul Demesmin for the minimal amount of ten dollars. The veteran player reportedly signed the documents March 6, 2014.

The identity of Yves Paul Demesmin is kind of "foggy" and the website reports that the man happens to be a Haitian businessman, who owns a tax services company.

Shaq purchased the Orlando residence in 2012 for $235,000. The residence has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, all encompassed in a cozy 3,904-square feet area. The home has granite counter tops, a wet bar, large cherry cabinets and an entertainment room.

This house is just minutes away from his much larger 70,000-square-feet mega mansion that was once featured on MTV Cribs. The residence has 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms along with other ridiculous features like a "30-feet-wide" bed in the master suite and a wine and cigar cabinet. The kids' room had LA Lakers wallpaper, there is an indoor basketball court and "Superman" lighting and logo all over Shaq's personal space.

The home also has a large pool that he apparently named "Shaqapulco."

Check out Shaq's crib in the video below:

Shaq is not just a great player, but an equally competitive entrepreneur. "The Big Shaqtus" has his own company - Shaq Inc. and is currently worth $350 million. According to Forbes, Shaq reportedly earned $23 million from a wide range of businesses last year.

Shaq's LinkedIn profile describes him as "CEO, President" at "A lot of different companies Inc."

Talking about how he spots business ventures, Shaq said in an interview:

"The biggest surprise is that I do my due diligence ahead of time. If you contact me, I do my homework. Then, if I like your idea or your company or your product, I'm not really looking for an endorsement deal. I want a partnership. You get a great partner when you get me. I'm not interested in just taking your money. I'll promote, I'll help, I'll do anything I can to make it work for both of us."

Update: Turns out Shaq didn't really sell his home for $10. It was a "technical" goof up in the documents.

Curtis Cooper, a real estate agent in the area told Zillow that Shaq was surprised to see the story of his home selling for $10!

"I was with him earlier today, and he was like, 'what is this?'" Cooper told the Zillow Blog.

Shaq, however, paid $10 for something in the deal, which spurred the whole "accident."

How much did the home really sell for? $240,000 apparently. That is a $5,000 profit for the star player.

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