Spoilers for TLC's "Sister Wives" season 7 suggest that the focus will be Kody Brown's fourth wife Robyn and the arrival of their new baby. Now, fans are wondering if the other wives feel jealous about this, most especially third wife Christine.

Christine and Kody have hit a rough patch in their 21-year-old marriage, as featured on the show's season 6. For their wedding anniversary, Kody took Christine for a trip to Galveston, Texas. Fans questioned Kody's partiality towards his new and younger wife Robyn, as he previously took her to Hawaii for a vacation.

Shortly after that, Kody "gifted" Christine with a marriage counselor, who he even brought with them to another trip.

"Christine and I need help so we're going to take Nancy, our family therapist in Las Vegas, so she can get us straightened out," Kody said during an episode. In reply, Christine made a sarcastic remark that the trip was very "romantic."

During the season 6 tell-all special, Christine admitted her insecurities and revealed that she and Kody are still undergoing counselling. She admitted that working out their marriage inside a polygamous structure could be difficult.

Christine and Kody married in 1994 and have six children together. She comes from a polygamous family herself, and in a 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Christine praised the lifestyle.  

"I never wanted to just be married to a man," she said. "I honestly wanted sister wives more than a husband. I wanted the whole family. I didn't just want Kody."

However, she admitted feeling a pang of jealousy when Kody decided to take another wife that year.

"I found out that Kody sealed their engagement with a kiss, and I freaked," she said. "We didn't kiss until over the altar.  So, to me, the fact that he had kissed Robyn was devastating."

Will the show's decision to make the upcoming season focus more on Robyn add to Christine's marital woes?

"Sister Wives" season 7 is expected to premiere early next year on TLC.