The new "Clash of Clans" Town Hall 11 update has been very strong in defense. Gamers learned yesterday that the Town Hall 11 is not just an upgrade for the present structures, but also lets gamers build more defensive structures, like another X-Bow, Canon, Wizard Tower and Archer Tower.

Supercell has given the public a first look of the defensive boost in Level 7 Minions, with the new-look Minions, and orange wings that match the Level 11 walls. When it comes to the efficiencies, gamers still don't have the detailed statistics of the leveled-up minions, but it's safe to presume an added DPS and beat points, Touch Arcade reported.

The developer also revealed in the forums that the Spell factories, Barracks and Heroes boost will be lessened from ten gems for a couple of hours to five gems for an hour. With the decrease of the personal break from six hours down to three hours, this change is very rational.

Although the "Clash of Clans" Town Hall 11 expansion does not have a release date yet, gamers are anticipating a few more sneak peeks like new levels such as, Laboratory Level 9, Gold Storage Level 12, Elixir Storage Level 12, and Wizard Tower Level 9, Gotta Be Mobile reported.

Supercell disclosed a lot of changes in the past ten days, and gamers already know that there are larger maps, and a third hero for gamers which is only a small chunk of the entire puzzle. As for the design of the new building level, it matches Town Hall 11, which also has a minor change. Unluckily, the specific information about what these new levels have has not yet been revealed by Supercell. The new laboratory will have more upgrades, allowing new troop levels with the update on the troops itself. You might want to watch the video below to see the new building designs of "Clash of Clans."