Willard Ford, son of the "Indiana Jones" actor Harrison Ford, is reportedly selling the unique Kim Sing Cinema theater in Chinatown, Los Angeles, for $4.5 million.

Ford purchased the Kim Sing building at Figueroa Street in downtown L.A. in 1999. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the space was originally built as a theater in 1926. When Ford purchased the place, he worked extensively with XTen architects to create a unique space, adding an internal courtyard right in the center of the home and creating a three-tier floor to replace the slope of the theater seating.

Initially, Ford wanted to convert the space into a multi-family residence. However, he didn't get building permission from the City's planning board. It was then that he decided to make the space an interesting work-plus-residential pad. Since then he has used the space as a single-family residence, a furniture show room and an event launch space as well.

"We have done launch events for BMW, Nike as well as corporate events for the Grammys, Pepsi and Star Wars in this place. It's great for all of that," Ford told The Hollywood Reporter adding that his marketing agency is moving to the Fashion District downtown.

In an earlier interview with The Telegraph, Ford admitted that this was his dream house, but it had its downsides.

"My dream house doesn't have a furniture and a fashion store in it. Living in a store can be unappealing at times. You have no personal space."

However, the space is now up for grabs. The listing lies with David Kean of Teles Properties. The official website lists out some of the property's highlights:

-          6 retail spaces and four bathrooms

-          2 offices, each with an attached bathroom

-          A tiered courtyard

The website also notes that the space has the potential to be used as a corporate campus. The space also offers a 3,500-square feet, two-storey residential area that has 2 bedrooms - each with an en-suite bathroom. Interiors feature high ceilings and a "modern industrial design." There is an additional bathroom and an upper level office in the area. There is an open modern kitchen which is apparently Ford's favorite space.

 "My favourite space is the kitchen. It's really nice and relaxing and so big. It is easy to make stuff there, although I'm not much of a chef," Ford told The Telegraph.

The website describes the property as:

"Retaining original details such as bow truss ceilings and the neon theater sign, the site has been modernized into a striking and flexible live/work space with a large kitchen, serving station, and AV room. The center of the old theater has been turned into a soaring outdoor courtyard and features ample space for a full bar, musical entertainment, and a multitude of other corporate functions."

Check out some photos listed on the MLS here.