CB2, the furniture retailing giant, has finally completed its much talked-about social media interior decoration project.

The residence - located at 873 Broadway, Union Square, New York City - is now completely decked up in the most chic furniture - thanks to the five talented designers and a million others who helped them pick stuff for the home all on Pinterest.

Touted as the "first-ever apartment designed in real-time and entirely on Pinterest," each room of the residence was designed in a day with each designer pinning photos of their choice of CB2 furniture on Pinterest. The ones that got the most "love" were moved in immediately!

Each designer was assigned a room, which they had to design in a day with the help of other Pinterest users and the result was brilliant. Take a look at how the room was designed in time-lapse videos below:

1. Ross Cassidy's Dining Room -

2. Caitlin Fleming's Office -

3. Athena Calderone's Bedroom -

4. Daniel bear Hunley's Living room -

5. Justina Blakeney's Rooftop -