5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) member Luke Hemmings and his girlfriend Arzaylea have reportedly split once again before they even denied or confirmed the real score of their relationship. According to new reports, their breakup was because Arzaylea kissed Hemmings' 5SOS bandmate, Michael Clifford.

Addressing the kissing rumors, Arzaylea responded to a 5SOS fan on Twitter, "Sweetheart i never kissed michael."

The controversy is just one of the several rumors claiming Hemmings and Arzaylea have split. In the previous days, the controversies have intensified, but neither of them have come out to talk about it. The breakup rumors spiralled out of control after the American Music Awards, when Arzaylea hinted that Hemmings didn't invite her for his band's performance, which forced her to get her own ticket for the event, Hollywood Take reports.

"You won't bring me there so I'll take myself there.clearly. independent a** B****"" wrote Arzaylea. Another round of rumors say that Hemmings split with the former, but it was revealed that the post on Twitter was fake.

According to an earlier report of Movie News Guide, Hemmings and Arzaylea have earlier split after the latter reportedly cheated on the former over another guy. A video of Arzaylea allegedly appeared online, which shows her lying next to a guy, proving that she's dishonest to the 5SOS musician. However, according to the site, what's more surprising is that the two are still seen together despite the cheating reports.

Following the split rumors, Hemmings and Arzaylea were spotted together with Clifford at the Halsey and Good Charlotte's concert on Wednesday, Nov.18. The next day, the two confirmed that they were indeed in the event through their social media posts. It then appears that Hemmings and Arzaylea's split rumors are just controversies as they never confirmed it even after the numerous breakup news.

Hemmings and his girlfriend were first spotted together in September. They were caught indulging in PDAs at an All Time Low concert the following month.  

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