"One Punch Man" is one of the most exciting addition in the anime world. The popular adaptation of Yusuke Murata and One aired its eighth episode last Nov. 23 with highlights some characters and protagonists in the hit manga.

According to Crossmap, manga readers of "One Punch Man" will get to see some invader monsters from the sea that attacked the City J. One of the sea monsters that appeared in the episode is the "Deep Sea King." This character based from the article was introduced in Chapter 23 of manga titled "Threats from the Seas."

"One Punch Man" episode 8 showed the emergence of "Sea Folk" which threatened the citizens of the city but the appearance was shortened after Saitama rescues the city yet again from the giant octopus.

Although Saitama already defeated the first menace, the threats for the city are increasing as more of these monster creatures in the sea who called themselves "Clan of Seafolk" are emerging. While some of the heroes are also trying to prevent these monsters to cause distraction, one character that appeared on the eighth episode is "Stinger" who is popular in using his "Bamboo Shoot" defense to battle off monsters.

"One Punch Man" episode 8 "Threats from the Seas" also featured yet another addition to the heroes, "Puri Puri Prisoner" who is an escapee prisoner with a Class S ranking. "Puri Puri" came out as a surprise as his features are very bulky and muscular but he has a thing for other men. His known defense is called the "Angel Style."

"One Punch Man" episode 9 titled "Unyielding Justice" will be aired next week Nov. 30 and will feature again "Stinger" with another hero "Lightning Max."

"One Puch Man" episode 9 spoilers according to Crossmap revealed that the two heroes are discussing about how Stinger defeated 10 seafolk monsters. It also indicated that Stinger thinks that Lightning Max did well too in beating the creatures.

Catch "One Punch Man" Episode 9 "Unyielding Justice" which airs Monday, Nov. 30, 2015.