A new report surfaced on Monday saying that tech giant Apple has tightened the security features of the company's latest mobile operating system. The decision to tighten the security features of iOS is the company's aggressive response to permanently block "jailbreaking," a report from Master Herald said.

"It looks like jailbreaking has been made significantly more difficult in the new version of iOS, and Apple has put a lot of work into the security of the system. Currently, efforts to develop a jailbreaking solution have produced questionable results at best, and some members of the community have been getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of a jailbreak tool. At this point, some have started to question if they are even going to get the tool in the future at all. Reports are indicating that Apple has really tightened their grip on the system's security with this version," the report said.

According to the report, the Cupertino-based tech company might have discovered a method to fix the security flaws in iOS-powered devices. Jailbreaking is popular especially to those Apple users who want to install third-party applications which are developed by some members or groups from the jailbreaking community. By doing so, users will be able to eventually unlock the full potential of the devices by exploiting Apple restrictions.

Here are the five popular jailbreaking tools that have successfully exploited Apple's mobile operating system, according to iJailbreak.

  • "The Evasi0n (Evasi0n7) jailbreaking tool is developed by a group of hackers by the name of the Evad3rs (Pimskeks, Planetbeing, Pod2G and MuscleNerd). Evasi0n will jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV untethered running iOS 6.0 - iOS 6.1.2 and iOS 7.0 - iOS 7.0.6 (using Evasion7).
  • The PPJailbreak jailbreaking tool is developed by a group of Chinese hackers that go by the name of 25PP. PPJailbreak will jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch untethered on iOS 8.0 through iOS 8.4.
  • The TaiG (pronounced Taiji) jailbreaking tool is developed by a group of Chinese hackers (TaiG Team). It will jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad untethered running iOS 8.0 - iOS 8.4, and is available for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • The Pangu (Pangu8 and Pangu9) jailbreaking tool was developed by a group of Chinese hackers (dm557, windknown, ogc557, and Daniel_K4, zengbanxian, INT80). Pangu will jailbreak untethered the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad on iOS 7.1 through iOS 9 firmwares. It's available for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.
  • The RedSn0w jailbreak tool is probably the most widely known iOS jailbreak tool available. Originally known as QuickPwn, RedSn0w is developed by the iPhone Dev-Team and it supports both the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems allowing just about anyone to easily jailbreak their iOS device both tethered and untethered."

"Of all mobile operating systems, Apple's iOS is generally seen as the most restrictive and closed one. Apple's design philosophy for the operating system is that preventing the user from messing with its more intricate settings also prevents them from potentially messing something up and damaging the device," Master Herald said.