Floating Hotel: Manta Resort Opens Africa’s First Underwater Room (VIDEOS)

Posted by Rapti Gupta on Nov 19, 2013 08:53 AM EST
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The Underwater Room at Manta Resort on Pemba Islandmore big
The Underwater room at the Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania provides the privilege of living offshore and sleeping underwater, literally! (Photo : The Manta Resort Official Facebook Page)

If you ever wanted to live like the 'Merfolk', here is something that could make your dream come true!

While there are a many floating hotels in the world, Africa just got its first underwater hotel room, Nov.1. The Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania, gives you the privilege to live offshore and sleep underwater, literally!

Manta Resort, located on the Pemba Islands recently unveiled a brand new vacation experience that allows customers to book the floating hotel, which drift 250 meters from the island and has rooms 13 feet under water in the Indian Ocean.

The hotel is a three-story structure with a roof-top deck for stargazing and sun bathing, a lounge area, one bathroom and of course, the underwater bedroom. Designed by Genberg Underwater Hotels, a Swedish design company, the hotel has spotlights under its windows that attract octopuses and squids, reports CNN Travel.

"Shoals of silver bait engulf the room with predators lurking in the background. Nights are action packed, especially feeding time when the spotlights are on. We have even had an octopus crawl over one of the windows," Matthew Saus, an executive of the resort said to NewsAU.com.

While the visual of an octopus climbing the window might be a little creepy, officials say that the room is located at The Blue Hole, a completely safe spot. The Blue Hole is actually an anomaly in the coral reef and is 12 meters deep at high tide with a 25-meter radius.

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Until now, around six people have already stayed in the room. Costs for a couple per night is $1500 and for singles it is $900. Safari Consultants is also offering a package tour worth $9275, which includes a one night stay at the Manta Underwater room and a three-night stay in the resort.

The hotel has got some excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.com. It ranks among the top 5 hotels of Tanzania and has a four-star rating on the website. Some reviews read:

This is a hidden gem that you will return to annually if you have the ways and means! Truly unforgettable... that Smile Wide Pemba Holiday! Hakuna Matata ("no worries").

It is the best place I've been so far in my life. Thank you Micael and Tina for such a perfect hospitality making heaven on earth! I will definitely come back with my girlfriend some day... Thank you thank you! The rooms, the food, the service, the scuba, the hospitality, the signature drinks, all! Perfect!

Check out the video of the underwater room below:

You can also take a virtual tour of the Manta Resort below:

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