Six years after the award winning science fiction film "Avatar" was released, it was reported that fans should be looking forward for the much awaited sequel two years from now.

According to Christian Post, during the recent New York Comic Con panel event, "Avatar" director James Cameron revealed that they are now working with Dark Horse Comics to be able to release a graphic novel that will introduce fans to the new adventures in Pandora, and this will reportedly cover three different time settings, ahead of the release of "Avatar 2."

Sources also reported that "Avatar 2" will have a dark prison theme. It was said that Jake Sully and Neytiri will be back to serve their tribe. Rumors are also circulating that the lovers might be broken apart in the second film because of the war, and their separation may be necessary for them to be stronger. It was also reported that rumors claim Stephen Lang might appear in "Avatar 2," and the story behind his survival will also be explored on.

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot reports that Cameron revealed that there will be new locations in "Avatar 2" that will amaze the audience. He revealed that "Avatar 2" will explore the oceans of Pandora while "Avatar 3" and "Avatar 4" will explore the planet's neighboring moons.

Cameron also revealed in an interview that the production is now working to capture underwater scenes, and the story about Na'vi cultures will also be discovered. Producer Jon Landau also revealed that there will be humans entering Pandora again, and it will still be a mix of good and bad people. Another rumored to be returning is Sigourney Weaver's Dr Grace Augustine; "Avatar 2" will reportedly explore her rebirth.

The movie is currently in production and "Avatar 2" is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2017, while "Avatar 3" and "Avatar 4" are simultaneously done with the second sequel.