'Exorcism: Live!': 'The Exorcist' House Will be Cleansed in Front of National TV

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Oct 26, 2015 06:32 AM EDT
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13th March 1974: The exterior of the Leicester Square Warner cinema in London, which is showing 'The Exorcist'. (Photo : Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Destination America's "Exorcism: Live!" will attempt something that no one has ever done before. On Friday, Oct. 30, they will exorcise a demon-infested house and broadcast it in real time for everyone to see. Dubbed as "the most dangerous night ever on television," this history-in-the-making includes host Chris Jacobs along with a bishop, a psychic, and some wraith chasers.

The house in question is none other than the one that inspired the scariest movie of all time: 1974's "The Exorcist." Located in a quiet village in St. Louis, Missouri, the unassuming home is infamous for the 1940s case known as the "Roland Doe Exorcism."

Roland Doe was a 14-year-old boy raised into a Christian family when he experienced violent supernatural activities. His parents brought him to the St. Louis home to stay with relatives and here, things only got tragically worse. Violent activities included flying objects and demonic possession. The boy was later freed from the negative entities with the help of priests and reverends.

More than 60 years later, where did the spirits go? Did they stay in the house? The people behind "Exorcism: Live!" think so.

Jodi Tovay, one of the show's creators told People that when they walked through the house with host Christ Jacobs, they definitely felt a strong presence within its walls.

"This was Chip's first time in the house and he believes there is a real negative energy that still lives there. The takeaway from his conversation with the spirits? 'They know we are coming. Get ready,'" Tovay shared.

Psychic Chip Coffey agrees, and he thinks the hauntings are the work of "satan's minions."    

"I've learned that demons' whole reason for existing is that they want to bring down human beings -- they want to destroy us, to unravel us," he told the Huffington Post. "I know -- as a psychic and a medium -- if you set out a dysfunction buffet for negative energies, they're going to come and eat."

Coffey will be joined by Bishop James Long, the presiding archbishop of the United States Old Catholic Church. According to his profile, Bishop Long has performed at least 27 documented exorcisms on individuals possessed by demonic forces.

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) from the show "Ghost Asylum" completes the team. TWC is known to using scientific methodology and high-tech gadgets in their paranormal investigations.

Tovay concluded that their live mission is more than just a publicity stunt. Their objective, she said, is to "cleanse the house once and for all."

"Exorcism: Live!" airs on Oct. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Destination America. Viewers can also watch via live streaming on their website.

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