When you browse for homes and spaces on Airbnb, you will see a wide variety of choices- from condominiums to whimsical castles. Yes, you can feel like a king or queen while sleeping on a castle or you can also feel like an adventurer when you sleep on a tree house. But did you know that you can actually get that "celebrity" feeling too?

Celebrities like Mariah Carey, Jimi Hendrix and Julie Andrews happen to have the most luxurious houses but they would like to share it with others too by allowing rentals on their spaces via Airbnb. So, if you want to get that "Hollywood Star" feeling, why not check the homes below collated by OK Magazine. You might want to stay in one of these homes one day!

1. Mariah Carey's Carbon Beach, Malibu house good for eight people would be an awesome place to stay with expansive ocean beach decks and patios. With its £6740 rate per night, only those who are indeed well-off can rent the space.

2. The Rubber House is perfect for artists and those who are seeking for inspiration. It is built for choreographer Eugene Loring, who danced with Audrey Hepburn. Aside from that, William Defoe and Julie Andrews also lived in this house located in New York. Good for four people, it costs £337 for a night.

3. The former home of Denzel Washington, Jimmy Page and Jan Michael Vincent in Malibu could allow eight people to stay there for £330 per night.

4. For a romantic getaway, the Garden Gingerbread House in Makawao that cost £111 per night is a good place to stay for couples. This is the home that Jimi Hendrix stayed in while he was on Maui to film Rainbow Bridge in 1970.

5. The Authentic Van Gough House in Fontvieille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, where the famous artist painted "Haystacks in Provence," could be rented by ten people for £291 per night.

6. For £455 per night, eight people can stay at the Palm Springs villa which was once the home of Bing Crosby. This home is considered as a landmark at 1934 Hacienda is located in the Old Movie Colony.

It would really feel good to be able to stay on famous homes like the ones we have seen above. Why don't you check them out?