Born on April 11, 10987 in Boston, Michelle Phan was raised by Vietnamese parents which migrated in the United States. She may not be a celebrity to begin with, nor was she rich at birth. As per Celebrity Net Worth, her father worked at a construction site while her mother worked as a manicurist. The Phan family lived on food stamps for their daily meal as her father is drawn into gambling.

Michelle went through a rough childhood as she and her family were evicted from their home multiple times, but the finally settled in Tampa, Florida. She went to Tampa Bay Technical High School in which she studied Dermatology, while her mother's hopes of Michelle being a doctor. This was however not her dream as she opted to go into art school instead. Michelle then enrolled to Ringling College of Art and Design.

What started her success is when she started her own YouTube channel in which she would usually have make up tutorials. As of today, she now has over 8 million subscribers with each channel having around 1.5 million views. What started as a hobby eventually turned into a successful career as she regularly posted make up tutorials on YouTube which eventually earned her a net worth of $50 million.

After gaining YouTube success, she was then signed by Lancôme as their first video makeup artist, in which she would feature the company's product on her videos. She then increased her success by signing a makeup line with L'Oreal called Em.

As of the moment, one of her most successful business is Ipsy. There were doubts when she first launched the site, she did however managed to prove that it would be a great success. Ipsy became huge as the company now ships 1.5 million [a month] of its "glam bags" in the US and Canada.

Michelle Phan was included in "Forbes 30 under 30" for their 2015 list. She may have started off with nothing, but her hard work paved way to inspire aspiring youth to make it big.