The content board rating reviewers are the people who get to play video games before it is released, aside from the gaming press and the developers. However, unlike the press, it has the rules for them not to disclose anything about the game.

User Hussmannus, a user in "NoMansSkyTheGame" on Reddit sent an e-mail to PEGI (Pan European Game Information, basically Europe's ESRB) this morning. The Reddit user wants to have a bigger picture of what the fans are all in for by what rating that the group has given "No Man's Sky."

It's a nice move, however even the group are not allowed to reveal that detail in a gamer email. Hussmannus discovered a noticeable sentence in the board's response email written by PEGI's customer service representative Ivar Posthumus. In the email, it said the game is all "Worth the Wait."

The game has gathered a lot of extremely good response even if it's still in the works. "No Man's Sky" has a lot of thrill around it, from recurring appearances in "The New Yorker" to a given segment on "The New Colbert Show," not to enumerate various praises from the game press. "No Man's Sky" looks awesome, although some are being cautious of the hype.

The question is, will the game satisfy the promise and be the next "EvE" and "Minecraft" into one? Or "No Man's Sky" will suffer the fate as "Spore"? A Big disappointment when "Spore" was finally released. If the excitement and gameplay isn't the way the fans imagine it, if they sense it is sterile and lifeless, if there isn't really so much to do, if it doesn't have promising gameplay and systems growing out of the world. It could be another "Spore."

That is what the gamers have to see. Hussmanus has uploaded a screenshot of his e-mail, which everyone followed.  However, when the Swedish text is run through Google Translate, it says "I have an older iOS, but it checks out."