Candy Spelling, widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling, can continue residing in her leased condo at the Carlyle Building in Westwood, California, as a court Judge has dismissed her landlord's plea to evict her from the premises.

Earlier in February, Spelling had filed a lawsuit against her landlord over leasing issues. She has been renting an apartment in the building for around $28,000 a month for some time now as her penthouse is under construction.

Spelling had a deal with the building landlord that her apartment lease would be extended if the construction of the penthouse was not completed within the stipulated time. However, the landlord was trying to force her out.

Spelling also claimed that she had spent around $10,000 to fix the apartment's heating and air conditioning. She also argued that she paid double for the utilities of the building and was forced to share her private elevator with other tenants.

Countering her lawsuit, the landlord filed another complaint claiming that she had over-stayed her lease, which ended on Jan. 31. However, Spelling then said that she had extended her lease for six more months and even paid for the month of February. The landlord was just violating rules of the contract.

Taking all the facts into consideration, the Judge has decided that Spelling can stay in the condo until her extended lease expires. According to a legal statement it was found that "Mrs. Spelling had properly extended the lease term at the condominiums and was legally remaining in the premises," reports Curbed.

Apparently, she also suing authorities of "The Century", the building in which her penthouse sits, for not opening a restaurant that they promised would open in the building!

The Spelling family recently sold their 56,500 square feet "Spelling mansion/ The Manor" to British racing heiress, Petra Ecclestone for a good $85 million in 2011. The grand palace was also featured in a TV series, "Selling Spelling Manor" that aired from 2009 to 2010.

Check out an interview below, where Candy Spelling talks about selling "The Manor":