London Real Estate: The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society Teams Up with Home Network to Give ‘Ghost-Free Certifications’ to Homes for Sale

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Oct 15, 2015 11:10 PM EDT
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The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is teaming up with 'Biggest and Best Online Estate Agent' Home Network to lend their ghost and paranormal expertise and to be able to give homes a 'Ghost-Free Certification'. 

            In a news report from London 24, Mark Readings, CEO of Home Network, said that Home Network is proud that they are the first real estate company to offer such service in the world.

"We're always looking for ways to go that extra step for our customers so we're extremely proud to be the first estate agent in the world to launch a service like this," said Readings. "Peace of mind and transparency are two of the most important aspects of buying a house, we're just extending these to the realms of the paranormal - after all a ghost is not just for Halloween!"

"Although this service is designed to help our vendors show that worries about the paranormal are not a reason to be put off making an offer, and we'll not be certifying homes as haunted, if something supernatural was found on an investigation sellers do have a moral obligation and duty of disclosure to inform prospective buyers of events that may affect the value of their property." Readings added.

Founder and Lead Investigator of Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, Barri Ghai said that United Kingdom is most likely to be one of the most haunted places in the world due to its 'rich and colorful history.'

Ghia also shared that the amount of reports of hauntings and paranormal activities are steadily increasing. Their company is currently receiving an average of two or more reports a week from homeowners claiming that they are sharing their roof with a ghost.

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is urging to let their home to be investigated to know if there is a supernatural entity haunting their property.

"Potential buyers and homeowners should definitely be worried about the presence of a ghost in the property. A haunting can be truly terrifying and make everyday living situations highly stressful and uncomfortable," Ghia said.

The collaboration of Home Network and the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is only a limited offer available in this month of October. Homeowners that are interested may sign-up for a ghost and paranormal investigation in the website of Home Network.

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