5 ‘Video Games’ that Architecture and Design Nerds Will Go Crazy For

Posted by Staff writer (media@realtytoday.com) on Oct 13, 2015 06:00 PM EDT
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Architecture and design nerds may find themselves obsessed with these top-rated design and architecture video games.

We've been accustomed to building and mustering lego pieces into a magnificent creation. Even a day on the beach is a way to mold our creativity as we form the sand into castles with our own little hands.

As days, months and years pass, we find ourselves not into those kiddie stuffs anymore. We'd rather watch tv, surf the net, socialize in pubs and, of course, play video games like mad. For this and many other reason, here are five of the many top-rated design and architecture video games that you can play to feed your creative appetite.

Minecraft by Mojang

This is byfar the most played and famous video game. Known for its pixilated feature, Minecraft players are most creative in their creations. The fact that you are able to interact with players across the globe makes this game only one of the bests - if not the best.

The Sims by EA Maxis

The video game allows players to create their own humans, neighborhood and cities. With this video game, one is able to release their creativity on landscaping, architecture, and interior design. This is probably the best video game that brings out your inner design nerd.

Calvino Noir

It has been dubbed by Curbed as the ultimate architecture video game. It is not a doubt at all as the creator, Dan Walters, is an architect. He even told Wired that  the visuals of the game were influenced by architectural drawings .

Cities by Colossal Order

Cities has two variants: Cities in Motion and Cities: Skylines. For this video game, the player must improve public transport. Aside from controlling the transport system which requires some architectural prowess, as the mayor, the player also controls pollution, crime, disease and clean water. In simple words, these games are more on city planning.

Homemake by Franklin Cosgrove & Archgame

This Inception-like puzzle game has the city as the protagonist. According to Wired, the creators of the game got their inspiration from the city of Tokyo specifically Shibuya district for the city in the game. The creators are architecture students, so we don't need to explain further as to why would this video game will make your architecture skills go mad.

 There are still many architecture and design video games out there that can make us go loco. And like our nerdy instincts tell us, we are more than excited to try them all.

Have you tried playing those above mentioned architecture and design video games?

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