10 Smart-Home Products that will Make You Step into the Future of Real Estate

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Oct 12, 2015 07:50 AM EDT
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In an article posted on Control 4, a comparison was made between two houses for sale. Both houses are located on the same street, are exactly of the same footing and floor plan, but one got sold within three days, while the other stayed on the market for months. Where lies the difference? Automation.

Melissa Dittmann Tracey of REALTOR Mag recommends these 10 items that will not only add comfort to your living, but will also make your home smart and sellable. 

1. App-Controlled Garage Door (Price: $130) 

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage allows you to open and close your garage remotely anywhere through a mobile app. The open and closed status of the garage door can also be monitored from anywhere.

2. Lose the Keys (Price: $199) 

UniKey's Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock doesn't require a key. You can unlock with just a touch of your finger. It also allows owners to monitor entrances and exits from afar, assign virtual keys permanently or temporarily, and receive activity alerts via the Kevo app. 

3. Lightbulbs with a Camera (Price: $199) 

The Sengled Snap LED lightbulb has a wireless video camera built inside for security purposes. The LED bulb with a life span of 25,000 hours can be controlled through a mobile app.

4. Smarten Up the Light Switch (Price: $199/unit) 

The Lucis Nubryte is a cloud-based, touch-screen panel which controls everything from light to security.

5. Talk to Your Lights (Price: $229.95) 

The Caséta Wireless lets you control your lights from anywhere using the company's Lutron app on your smartphone or tablet .You can adjust your home's lights and temperature, or schedule lights to automatically adjust any time of the day.

6. Temperature Control (Price: $249) 

The Learning Thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature you like in your home. It will also automatically turn the temperature down to save energy when nobody is at home. 

7. Create a Command Center (Price: $299) 

Iris lets you have greater control over your household devices from one central hub. Its security features will send you a text or will call you when motion sensors are triggered. 

8. Smarter Security (Price: $299.99) 

Icontrol Piper is a Web-linked security camera that has fish-eye lens to capture a 180-degree view of a room, and this can be controlled through a mobile app. You will receive notifications through a phone call, a text message or e-mail if it detects any loud noise, movement, or changes in the temperature.

9. Leak Detector (Price: $300)  

WallyHome can detect those leaks through wireless sensors around water-prone areas such as sinks and toilets. 

10. Text Your Fridge (Price: available upon inquiry)

LG's HomeChat can send text messages to appliances like washers or refrigerators. With LG's Smart Refrigerator, you can text your fridge to tell it to make more ice. It has a wide-angle camera that takes a photo each time the door is opened. It can also monitor expiration dates and suggest meals based on the ingredients available in the refrigerator. 

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