7 Amazing Underground Homes

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Oct 06, 2015 07:20 AM EDT
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Underground living in outback Australiamore big
Caption:WHITE CLIFFS, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 23: Local resident Ross Jones cleans a painting in his dugout home near the outback town of White Cliffs on October 23, 2002 in New South Wales, Australia. In 1894 miners began converting their unused mine shafts into underground homes that maintain a constant temperature of 22 degrees celsius and escape the summer heat. The small opal mining town was the first commercial opal field in Australia and today boasts approximately 200 underground homes. (Photo : Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Have you ever considered living underground? Underground homes are not impossible nowadays as architecture has evolved immensely through the years. Will you consider living in any of these underground homes listed by Oddee?

1. Cave House (Missouri)

Living in caves are not just for our primitive ancestors. In this 15,000 sq. ft. home located in Festus, the quest for living in the cave happened in reality, the house was built within the cave and it dons some environment-friendly features such as geothermal heating. Apart from this, you won't also be needing air conditioning on this house.

2. Malator in Druidstone (Wales)

Astonished design will welcome you in this house located in Wales. The house was coined as the "Teletubby house" and is one of the architectural masterpieces built in the city.

As described in the article, "The basic design of Malator is very simple, with essentially one room inside, divided by prefabricated coloured pods, while on the outside, the house melds with the surrounding landscape."

3. Hidden House (Poland)

"Hidden" would be the perfect name for this house as it is completely camouflaged by the grass in its roof. The complete surprise is by its succeeding stairs, also in grass, that will lead you to the entrance door.

4. The Underground House (England)

Who can believe that an underground house can pull its way to have two storeys? The designer of the said house Architect John Bodger made this exceptional design.

5. Flower Petals (UK)

This amazing house looks like a flower on top view. The owner and visionary of the home is none other than ex-captain of Manchester United, Gary Neville. The design of the home is quite refreshing but the approval for the construction of this said property was no joke for Neville.

6. Stone Desert Home (Greece)

This rectangular-shaped home is actually designed for eco-friendly reasons. The house is simple and blends perfectly with the desert that surrounds it.  

7. Estate Lättenstrasse (Switzerland)

A total fantasy home, this home in Switzerland seemed to come out in movies. The house is smartly designed by Vetsch Architektur and is called "earth houses" and it actually has 9 houses in total. The design and location enables to protect the house from terrains and changing temperatures.

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