If you are into spy films that offer less talk and more action, definitely you would not want to miss the upcoming James Bond sequel, 'Spectre'. The ever anticipated sequel of Ian Fleming's novel James Bond is to date, the most expensive James Bond movie ever filmed. Spectre, which stars Daniel Craig in his fourth performance as James Bond according to dailymailcosts 200 million pounds.

Spectre, which is the 24th Bond film to grace the silver screen, is to be released on October 26, 2015, and days before its initial release date, the press is already talking about it from a budgetary perspective. Aside from the casting and different set locations, Spectre poured out parts of its budget into the goal making every car-stunt realistic. According to dailymail, the said James Bond film burned up roughly £24 million of its budget just to destroy and burn up cars.

We all know that a James Bond film is never complete without its display of hi-tech gadgetry and most especially its iconic cars. Spectre according to some reports would once again showcase the ever famous DB, 'Deutsch-Bonne,' car with its specially designed ejector seat. DB would once be seen running and doing some car stunts 51 years after Sean Connery drove the iconic DB5 in Goldfinger. In context, £24 million was not solely spent on the revival and destruction of 7 out of 10 specially-created Aston Martin DB10, but let's just say it was well spent on other car stunts which includes a new Jaguar Land Rover, the Jaguar C-X75. The new Jaguar Land Rover is a "supercar, driven by Hinx, is the most advanced Jag ever built - if the copper paint and scissor doors didn't give it away," said mashable. Another modified Land Rover Defender was also commissioned for car chases in the sequel Spectre and was reportedly blown up without CGI effects. With this costly visual enticement offered by Spectre, fans and movie enthusiasts alike are to expect a movie experience beyond special effects.

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