6 Dustiest Spots In Your Home

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Oct 02, 2015 10:00 PM EDT
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Your house could only look as clean as your eyes can see. But what about those hard-to-reach nooks and areas? You never know what's lurking in those often disregarded spots.

Here are the 6 dustiest spots in your home that you might not know according to Apartment Therapy:

Under/Behind your fridge

You can keep the inside of your fridge and its door spick and span but we doubt that you are pulling that heavy home equipment out every time to reach under and around it. The top of your fridge can be habitat for dust and dead bugs (ew!) if you are not tall enough to reach for it and give it a good swipe on a regular basis.

Under your heaviest piece of furniture

Heavy pieces of furniture like your sofa, book shelf or kitchen cabinet are difficult to move around which makes under and around them a condominium for dust bunnies. What you can do is be creative with your cleaning techniques so you can find a solution on how you can get around those hard-to-reach surfaces that are prone to dust and whatnots. Or you can use castors to make it easier to move them around and make cleaning them easier.

Under your rugs

Good job on vacuuming the top surface of your rugs, but are you going the extra mile and going under them which are prone to dust accumulation? So do roll them up once in a while when you are doing your vacuuming to make sure that you deal with dust, dirt, and fibers that fall to the floor and make their way under the rugs.

The top of a bookcase or a bookshelf

With bookcases, you don't get to move the items in there a lot which is a culprit for dust accumulation. They could be hiding layers of dust so make sure to include these spots in your regular cleaning routine.

Your ceiling fan

A dusty and grimy ceiling fan means a dusty and grimy home. Why of course, once you turn that ceiling fan on, you dislodge dust and spread it in the air to settle in other surfaces in your home. Get a little help if you can't do the dusting by yourself and make sure to go over and under the fan blades when you do your cleaning. 

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