As man's best friend, many pet dogs enjoy that much attention and pampering from their owners. But there are those who are so privileged to have a place of their own, and we mean not just an ordinary dog house, but homes that are at par or even more lavish than those belonging to humans. James of Bark Post embarked on a tour of these luxurious dog houses, and has this story about them.

1. Haciendawg

This a $30,000 luxury hacienda located in Los Angeles, California. Everything in it is custom-made, starting with the terra cotta floorings, up to the red-clay tiled roof. Every turret of the house has a tiled lounge space which remains cool during those hot, sunny days.

2. The Bowhaus

This doggie residence is a German-manufactured modern dog house that pays homage to Bauhaus architecture, which the builders adopted for its design. The result is a simple house made of durable and easy-to-clean materials. The house features a skylight that admits natural light as well as a plexiglass front wall which shields the dog from the elements of their surroundings.

3. Victorian Dog House for Three

This Victorian-style doggie nook costs $20,000. The home, which is the abode of three fabulous dogs (Chelsea, Darla, and Coco Puff), is a smaller version of the owner's historic Victorian home. The structure is large enough for the owner to enter and visit her canine neighbors.

 4. Pawj Mahal

This is a $40,000 architectural foam and stucco Taj Mahal replica with a customizable suite of interior and exterior features. Like the original, the Pawj Mahal makes a beautiful resting place for your dog.

 5. Farmhouse

The luxury doghouse maker, Best Friend's Home, created this structure in the style of a Scandinavian farm house. It has weather-resistant paint, woven flannel pooch pad, shatter-proof window glass, and real bitumen coating.

6. Mobile Home, Air Stream

This particular home celebrates the traveling dog. It is the Nomad Dog Home, a part of the "Dog is a God" series by Italian artist Marco Morosini.  Each work in the series is attributed to the different aspects of doggie deification. The trailer is built of high quality ceramic and can be pulled along by the dog's slave owner.

7. Ranch House + Doggie Pool

This beautiful ranch style dog home is made of real, high-quality lumber and stone siding. It even has a private doggie pool for summertime cooling-offs. An ice skating rink can be enjoyed by the pups during winter, too. Inside, the house features wood floors, a custom dog bed, chair rail, wainscotting, wall papers, and even an air conditioning unit.

8. Frank Lloyd Bite House

James relates this story about this dog house: "In 1956, a twelve-year-old boy wrote Frank Lloyd Wright and asked him to design a doghouse for their family's Labrador retriever, Eddie. Wright was busy designing the Guggenheim [at the time], but asked the boy to write the next fall. The boy did, and Wright delivered, sending plans for the above dog house. Years later, the boy recreated the doghouse to accompany a touring documentary about Wright's works in California."  It is the finest example of Prairie School of Barkitecture in existence.

9. The Canine Hilton

This is the world's most lavish puppy palace owned by hotel heiress Paris Hilton. It is actually a mini version of Paris' own mansion, and its estimated cost? A whopping $325,000. The two-storey house, created by interior designer Faye Resnick, features a clay tile roof, copper gutters, Juliet balcony, luxury dog beds, custom light fixtures, and even a chandelier.