Just a few weeks ago, real estate tabloids went into frenzy over the news of rapper Kanye West finally selling his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad for $3.3 million. But word is out that the home might have got off the escrow.

West had initially listed the home in 2010 for around $3.9 million. However, desperate to unload the home, he was ready to drop the price and relisted the home for $3.3 million. On March 5, it was reported that West had finally snagged a buyer for his home, but was the deal sealed?

According to Trulia, probably No! An insider source has dropped off a tip to the staff at Trulia about the home's current status. In just a matter of weeks, the home has gone in and out the escrow and looks like the home will hit the listing market soon.

According to the public records, the home is a 4214 square feet residence, located in 7882 Fareholm Drive. West purchased the home in 2003 for around $1.7 million. The three bedroom, four bathroom home features modern architecture and interiors.

Check out the photos of the home here.

The real estate saga doesn't end there for West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian. They sold a super-luxurious Bel-Air manse that they purchased for $11 million at a full profit of $1 million. Then they went ahead and announced they wanted to expand their real estate portfolio, buying homes all around Paris, New York and Miami.

Anyhow, the real estate flu has now turned into "baby-naming" fever. Apparently, they want to name their child after a bland 'direction'. The couple has already started planning names for their baby girl who will arrive in July and rumors have it that they could name the baby, "North West"!