The first "Persona" was seen in 1996 and due to its success and popularity, the game's developer Atlus has recently announce that a "Persona 5" is on its way.

According to Crossmap, the fans of role-playing game were stunned and impressed by the teaser trailer of "Persona 5." Art Designer of "Persona 5" Shigenori Soejima was reportedly pleased with how the fans accepted the idea of a new "Persona" saying, "We've gotten a lot of kind people saying that the game's even more stylish than what we've done before. That was kind of unintentional on our end, though; we weren't trying to go out of our way to make people explicitly feel our game is stylish so much as just show that aesthetically, it's picking up where Persona 4 left off, in a sense."

On the other hand, to the dismay of the anxious "Persona" fans, according to Master Herald, this game will not be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 this year. During the 2015 Tokyo Game Show, Atlus has revealed that "Persona 5" will be out early next year. The fans may be disappointed with the delay but Atlus takes it as an opportunity to make sure the game is fine-tuned and perfect before releasing it for Sony PlayStation consoles.

To appease the impatient "Persona 5" fans, the Atlus reportedly shared the main story plot of the much awaited RPG game PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in the Sept. 24 issue of the weekly Famitsu video game magazine in Japan. It was revealed that main character of the game will be referred to as Phantom Thieves and they will be going up against multiple enemies. This reportedly sets "Persona 5" apart from the previous "Persona" releases.

Another source has also revealed that the developers are adding a new character to join the Phantom Thieves. The new character is said to be Yusuke Kitagawa, who has already been featured in the game Trailers.

"Persona 5" is said to be releases in Japan in summer 2016 and sometime in 2016 in the United States for PlayStation 4 and 3.