For the month of September Supercell has made some updates with its popular mobile game "Clash of Clans" but these updates are not as big as the updates expected to happen in October Clash Con Gaming event.

According to All Clash, fans got a slight break from the favorite game when it went on maintenance on Sept. 22 and 23, but even though the maintenance meant improvements it has nothing to do with the other present updates.

On the other hand, according to Yibida, the maintenance time was used to add updates such as making the Lightning Spells stronger at levels 5 and 6 and also availed to Town Hall 8 to 9 at the same level. Aside from Lightning Spells, it also involved updates on Poison, Earthquake, and Freeze Spells. The September update also resulted to the addition of a new tiebreaker feature. With this feature, the game checks the total damage from each attack in the case of even scores. Then the team with the most number for overall damage percentage is considered the winner. Last but not the least, there is now the Walls feature which enables the Town Hall 10 gamers to receive 25 new walls for more base protection.

As mentioned earlier, these September updates are the not the big updates yet. According to Gotta Be Mobile, the biggest updates are yet to happen during the first ever Clash Con Gaming Event on Oct. 24, 2015. The first update reportedly will be with Town Hall 11. Currently, players can only advance to Town Hall 10, but with an updated Town Hall level, the chance of upgrading Barbarians to level 8 is heightened. It is also expected that the four spots in the Dark Barracks of "Clash of Clans" that say "coming soon" will also receive some changes and powers.

Apart from those upcoming additions, fans can expect to witness or participate in Clan War Tournaments with a winning member from a different clan within a new bracketed tournament system.

"Clash of Clans" fans should also expect Clan War Tournaments. This will mean that after each clan wins, they face a member from a different clan that also emerged as a winner, with a bracketed system like a tournament. Moreover, according to Yibada, Supercell has recently hinted that it will possibly add a new singer player map, new achievements and quests and a third Hero after the King and Queen.