Tired of your old and outdated bathroom that only make you want to shower as quickly as possible? Your bathroom is supposed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and if it's not, then maybe you need to give it a facelift soon.

Here are 7 of the newest trends of bathroom design according to Apartment Therapy that you should try:

Hex Tile

Big or small, these little bitty tiles are increasing in popularity when it comes to bathroom design. These hexagonal tiles are perfect for achieving that old-school feel for any bathroom.

Open showers

Showers that are only separated by a single pane of glass which makes it open to the rest of the bathroom is a great way to achieve that minimal look and is also good for other design possibilities depending on the look you are going for.

A tub in the shower

Yes, you heard that right. This trend is already big in Japan and is slowly gaining in popularity at the stateside. Achieve this by enclosing your bathing and showering space with a single glass.

Cement tile

For that old-world feel for your bathroom, consider using patterned cement tiles that also suggest an industrial and modern look.

Gold fixtures

This is a trend that we see so much of and is not even limited to bathrooms. By using gold or even brass and rose gold fixtures to your simple and humble bathroom space will instantly give it that touch of luxury and glamour.

Black fixtures

If not gold, another bold choice is black fixtures. Some people may find gold showy or too 80's for their taste so black (or matte black for a more stylish effect) is one way to go for that elegant yet still subtle design.

Black, and white, and gold

Create a dramatic impact for your bathroom by using a black, white, and gold power color combo. Using these colors will instantly enhance the look of any bathroom even the small ones.