Roku 4 is set to be released before 2015 ends.

Roku has been rocking the world of Apple TV and Google Chromecast since 2008, and is at it again with Roku 4. Considered to be a promising player in the set-top box media player, Roku 4 is set to be released before the end of the year and it comes with a new set of features.

The Roku 4 device, basically, streams internet shows to the television set, and rumors surrounding the device, are speculated to be released soon (or around this coming fall), according to Christianity Today.     

Roku 3 is said to be dominating the market since it was released last year and it even surpassed Apple's AppleTV, the report went on.

Roku 4, the next generation of Roku is said to be having more advanced features, like a faster chip for processing and a support for a 4K resolution. It is also said that the newest Roku will contain a bigger memory. Though, at the moment, no figures can be provided by the said rumors. Nobody knows yet how fast it is going to be or how big the memory capacity it will have, but it may come with a 2GB worth of RAM, according to a report by Master Herald.

Roku, the pioneering multi-media box, is said to be a trendsetter in the streaming market. It has also created loyal followers that are really looking forward to the next generation of the Roku device.

Linux, by the way, is the operating system of the Roku box, and it's a heavily modified version called the Roku OS. Starting with the version 1.0, Roku has continued to modify the software for bug fixes, update of security, additional features, and revisions for its interface. Anybody can add his or her own favorite channel on the Roku box.

Roku 4 fans, hold your horses for now. At this stage, it seems too early to conclude something.