The realm of commercial real estate would be difficult to handle for some people, especially if it would be there first time to look for a place to rent for their business or office. There are some so-called experts in the real estate industry that might take advantage on a newcomer like you. That is why enough research and consultation should be done before diving for or renting a commercial space. What lies below are some of the most practical advice collated to help you decided what is best for your business.


It would be necessary for you to first identify the location of your supposed office or building to be rented. Ask yourself whether the place you have in mind would be near your suppliers and most especially of your possible clients. Consider the trip that you, your employees and clients would be doing if ever everything would be operational. Aside from distance from important people and important place, also consider the security of the place, whether is it safe to have your business there, try to search for a less rough neighborhood.


This would perhaps be one of the most important factors that you should consider before renting a place. Try to ask for the price and compare it with other places. For you to be guided, put into consideration whether you can afford to pay the three months' rent deposit for the said commercial space. Also, try checking whether the price tag is somehow in line with similar establishments or office spaces in the area.

Space and Size

The price and location would then be influencing the space of your chosen spot or even the other way around. In looking for a space consider the nature of your business and the daily activities that would be occurring within the commercial space. Add into the equation whether particular features necessary for an office or commercial establishment is present or could it be added into the said spot. Showrooms and meeting rooms are some of the many features which should guide you in choosing the size of your commercial space.

Expert would advise that before delving deeper into negotiation strategies you should first try to identify the basic things to consider as listed above. Once all of your needs are identified you may start thinking of the negotiation strategies. If you are not confident to evaluate such things, it would be wise to contact some trusted commercial real estate agents to guide you with the process.