Pablo Lehmann’s 'Scribe House': Innovative Apartment Made from Paper

Posted by Staff writer on Dec 12, 2012 03:42 AM EST
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Pablo Lehmann's Scribe House Furnituremore big
(Photo : Tumblr./Pablo Lehmann)
Argentine artist Pablo Lehmann cuts shapes and text from large sheets of paper and synthetic clothmore big
(Photo : Tumblr./Pablo Lehmann )

We are aware of houses made of bricks and woods. But have you ever heard of a house made of  paper?

Pablo Lehmann, an Argentinian artist, has made a life-size apartment out of paper and recycled material. It took him two years to complete his outstanding handiwork, reports the Inhabitat. The artist's 'Scribe House" was on display at the Art Basel Miami.

Lehmann used his favourite philosophy books to make the house. He wrote the text from the books on large sheets and layered them together giving the art work a  three-dimensional look, reports

Lehmann made the rare paper house in his Buenos Aires apartment. Anna Milashevych, director of the Black Square gallery said that Pablo is not your typical chaotic artist; there is a method to his art. First, he makes a small-scale model of the artwork, which usually consists of an apartment-like installation complete with furniture and covered in torn and aged book pages. Then, he builds the full-scale model and finally he takes a picture of the installation. For a long time, Pablo would destroy his finished artwork so that he could work on his next project, since his apartment could barely fit the full-scale models; but now he donates his work to the galleries, reports

Lehmann's paper apartment has a bathtub, curtains, a desk and bed with little windows.

Pablo Lehmann's unique artwork has drawn praise from art critics and lovers. According to Lehmann's 'Scribe house' reflects the artist's love for literature and is representative of his desire to create new ways of interpreting the written word and what it signifies.

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