Design Trends That Aren't Trendy For Home Design

Posted by Staff Reproter ( on Aug 31, 2015 07:40 AM EDT
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Design trends are usually the ones that sell the most in the market. However, some of them do not actually compliment a home well or require tremendous amounts of maintenance to keep them looking good.

When one does not want to go wrong in home design, most people, especially not the professionals, would rely on the home design trends to decorate their house. However, some of the aspects that are trendy could be a pain in the butt especially when some of the installments could grow unflattering over time.

According to Trib Live, Alisha Gwen, an experienced home designer, revealed that she does utilize the trends so much in her plans because not only do they come and go, some of them only look as good for a short while.

Furthermore, she also declared that when homeowners concentrate too much on the trends when designing their home, they end up creating a showroom instead of a comfortable residence to live at. Additionally, she also indicated that mixing the old with the new, although the former may not be as trendy, could add comfort, function and style to your home without overdesigning it. Therefore, it would be wise to properly distinguish which of the home design trends are good for you and which are not.

According to Realty Times, these home design trend furniture and aspects in the home are the stuff you need to avoid, especially if you stick to designing your home from what's in and hip in the market to date.

First off, marble counters may look good at first. However, when the time comes that the polish wears off, it would look hideous. However, if you still wish to have it in your home, you would need to consider applying a sealer as frequent as you can as it will not protect the marble completely for long periods of time.

Furthermore, stainless steel sinks and other attributes to the home also look pretty during the start. However, they get easily smudged or scratched, much like white upholstery that could easily be tinted or dirty.

Lastly, although dark wood floors appear classy in a home, it could look absolutely filthy by the time you finish cleaning them. Therefore, although it is part of the trend now, you might want to defer from it if you were looking to maintain a wonderful home even in the long-run.

These home design trends may be the hip and the trending in the market today. However, some of them easily wear out its beauty. Therefore, as much as possible, you might want to defer from stainless steel sinks,  dark wood floors, and marble counters if you wish to keep your house pretty for longer years to come.

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