Celebrity Owned Los Padres Forest Cottage Up For Sale for Only $85 K

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Aug 18, 2015 06:20 AM EDT
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Forest Service Study Shows Over 12 Million Trees In CA's Nat'l Forest Have Died Due To State's Droughtmore big
FRAZIER PARK, CA - MAY 7: Dead and dying trees are seen in a forest stressed by historic drought conditions in Los Padres National Forest on May 7, 2015 near Frazier Park, California. According to an aerial survey conducted by the U.S. Forest Service in April, about 12 million trees have died in California forestlands in the past year because of extreme drought. The dead trees add to the flammability of a drying landscape that is increasingly threatened by large, intense wildfires. In some areas where extremely hot wildfires have occurred, as in the 437-square mile Cedar fire that burned across San Diego County in 2003, most trees have died and chaparral brush is displacing the forests and animals that rely upon them. The findings of the study were compared to similar surveys taken in July 2014. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) (Photo : David McNew)

A celebrity couple declining to identify themselves as the owners of a rustic cottage in Los Padres National Forest has just made the 300-square foot property available in the market for only $85,000. They've owned it in the last twenty years and they describe their sixty-minute commute from Los Angeles to this cabin getaway as going "from the belly of the beast to paradise."

There is no denying that this tiny house is a steal for its price tag and its location just outside Frazier Park is a convenient short drive from dining and shopping spots. The owners want to try and get a "cabin on wheels" in exchange for their vacation home. They said they want to go on long road trips. This is according to a post in realtor.com    

It's not all roses and cherries though for would be buyers. The cottage lacks an indoor bathroom and instead has an outhouse painted pink. While this could be a deal breaker for many,  listing agent Sandra Miloszar describes in a post in foxnews.com the pink-hued outhouse as "country cute." She adds that it is easy to add a bathroom inside if the outdoor thing is out of the question for buyers. Other than this tiny bump on the road, the property is all ready for occupancy.

The kitchen is supplied running water from an artesian spring which is a nice spot for the occasional dip. . "The cabin sits on a half-acre, and it's about 100 yards off the forest road among beautiful Jeffrey pines," Miloszar says. The house has been kept in mint condition by the owners. The interior is like a time capsule with a rock and mortar fireplace. There's also a Hotpoint table leg electric stove and oven inside. The house can be accessed any time of the year, be it sun or snow. The cabin can accommodate four sleepers and there's a large area for friends as long as they come with tents.

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