7 Bad Feng Shui Interior Design Features To Avoid

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Aug 13, 2015 06:50 AM EDT
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When it comes to interior design ideas, it's not just about matching the colors or your furniture's price tags. These days, a lot of people are turning into Feng Shui when doing a house renovation or when looking for a property to create a more effective living condition.

Here are 7 bad feng shui interior design features that you need to avoid according to About Home:

Direct front door-back door alignment

Two aligned doors will prevent Chi, or energy from lingering and actually nourishing your home. Imagine water flowing into your home to be Chi, and when your front door is directly aligned to your back door, the water will rush very fast through the doors without slowing down and nourishing your space.

Staircase facing front door

In feng shui, the mouth of the Chi is the main door. And when your interior design has your staircase facing the main door, the Chi rushes to the upper or lower floor leaving the main floor without feng shui nourishment energy.

Bathroom facing the front door

Just like what happens with completely aligned front door and back door, a bathroom facing the front door is going to allow Chi to quickly escape through the bathroom, leaving little to no energy left for other  parts of your house.

Staircase in the center of a home

No matter the design, color, or material, a staircase in the center of your home is not good feng shui, although it could be good interior design. What you can do is balance the energy by applying specific feng shui cures.

Bathroom in the center of a home

The center of your home is the ying-yang point, and having the heart of the space as a bathroom defeats the goal which is to leave this important point open, light, and with a sense of beauty.

Master bedroom over the garage

A bedroom above the garage is bad feng shui considering that there is an unsettling energy that goes in and out of the garage- the opposite energy that you want to cultivate in the bedroom to promote relaxation and sleep. It is an unstable energy foundation for an important space that is your bedroom.

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