Let's be honest, sellers would be hard-pleasers as far as selling their properties, especially when there are a lot of prospective buyers eyeing what they offer. So this would be a tough case for a buyer especially if there's just limited money to offer but it's a note that quitters will lose in this battle. There are five creative and tricky ways for you to try to win that seller's heart.

These are five creative ways that are based from the article of trulia:

1.       Find out what your seller wants

The first magical rule is to ask. Ask the listing agent of the seller some details about the property's escrow period, if they prefer a longer or shorter one.

As what was pointed out by Armour Title Co. president Tali Raphaely, "Buyers just need to educate themselves on the goals and needs of the sellers to find out what other types of arrangements or contract clauses the sellers would find especially helpful."

2.       Offer cash

Offering cash can surefire make the seller agree on your prescribed amount but if this won't be allowed by your pocket, a well-written of a preapproval loan letter that indicates your offer and a down payment may work.

3.       Rent the house back to the seller

This is a great option for the seller as this will help them to stay in their property for a grace time and also have the guarantee to be paid for.

As what was stated by the article from a real estate agent Rob Williams, "Close within the traditional 30-day window so that the seller gets the proceeds from the sale, but let them remain in the property rent-free for a short, specific time period, typically one to four weeks."

4.       Offer to buy the furniture

As many sellers would opt to move out without bringing over their old stuff like their furniture, a buyer can use this as another trick to win the seller's house. A buyer can ask to purchase the furniture in a separate transaction with a separate bill of sale.

5.       Write a heartfelt letter

A heartfelt letter explaining your objectives in buying the property can make you have a positive chance in claiming it as what was said in the article, Pelle said that "sellers appreciate buyers that has respect for their property especially if it's unique or has a historic value."