Hollywood and the Internet is celebrating the 30th birthday of one of the most hilarious and talented celebrities now, Anna Kendrick. A day after her special day, take a look back at one of the "Pitch Perfect" star's greatest accomplishments so far, her $1 million house, which she bought back in 2012. What's inside her home? Is she really just like one of us, as her hilarious tweets reflect?

Celebuzz previously featured photos of Kendrick's house, which reportedly cost $1,020,000. Located in Hollywood Hills, the property is made up of two stories and features a huge garage space, three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

The bedrooms' interiors are mostly white and features huge windows that provide amazing views. One of the bathrooms also features a glass-encased shower area. The other parts of the house are also decked out in white interiors and furniture, combined with hickory wood floors, as described by Perez Hilton.

According to Variety, the property's master suite occupies the entire second floor and features a balcony with panoramic views, a huge walk-in closet fit for a celebrity like Kendrick, and the bathroom mentioned above.

French doors are also common in the house as well as fireplace. One of the notable features of the mansion is also its "partially covered tree house-like deck" with outdoor fireplace and overhead heaters for chilly mornings.

Kendrick's net worth is estimated at $10 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her earnings mostly come from her acting roles in TV, movies and on stage. She previously starred in the 1998 Broadway production titled "High Society" and various films including "Twilight."

Kendrick was also George Clooney's co-star in the film "Up in the Air," where she earned Best Supporting Actress nominations. She later became famous in the film "Pitch Perfect," where her prowess in singing was revealed.