Interior Design Ideas: Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Home

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Aug 06, 2015 07:20 AM EDT
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MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 11: Creations are displayed at Fiera Milano Rho during 2013 Milan Design Week on April 11, 2013 in Milan, Italy. (Photo : Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

There are plenty of home decorating mistakes we never thought were wrong. However, you don't need to be a designer to decorate your own home. Here are some tips.

Wrong Paint

You can experiment on the colors that you want for your home. However, you must know the colors that will complement each other. According to designer Mary Douglas Drysdale, "Brilliant painting is elegant and polished, but goes too far and you end up with vulgarity."

Don't Pile Up on Photos

Some people are sentimental that they display every photo of their family on table or walls. Minimize the clutter by hanging them on the wall. Create a gallery wall or place old photos in albums.

Mind the Foyer

The foyer is an important part of your home that should create a statement. Don't let this area look boring. You can create a nice-looking foyer by painting the wall with bright colors. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn says that patterned wallpaper can also do the trick as it enhances color and create illusion of added space, according to HGTV.

Use Proper Lighting

Designer Barclay Butera recommends soft white bulbs and dimmers in every room of the home including the bathroom. According to the designer, lighting shouldn't wash down on you. Lights must not make you feel that you're onstage. Make use of the proper lights that provide ample brightness and functionality in your space, reports.

Too Much Space Isn't Good

Designer Whitney Stewart claims that the key to right interior decorating is space. According to her, it is not right to see living room furniture plastered against the wall and chairs far apart. In designing the living room, intimacy and simplicity is the key.

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