A new update in the popular strategy mobile game "Clash of Clans" has reportedly been rolled out earlier this month. The update has introduced the LeveL 5 dragon, which, according to various reports, costs eight million Elixir. The "Clash of Clan" Level 5 dragon is said to be to available in Town Hall Level 10. The reported new level will require an updated laboratory, a report from Master Herald said on Sunday.

According to the same report, the recent update has made the gameplay more challenging but balanced. With the Level 5 Dragon, players won't be able to use lightning spells to steal loot by destroying the elixir storage of their opponents. The report explained that players can use the lightning spell to kill the resource collectors and other troops of enemies. The new Level 5 reportedly has also lessened the playing and training time in the game.

Specifically, Master Herald said that lightning spells have been reduced from half an hour to 20 minutes training time. The playing time which includes the time for freeze, rage and jump spells have been also reduced from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.

In the new level, low ranking players will now be able to unlock the dragon which will make the gameplay more even with the veteran players and eventually give the former the opportunity to win the game.

It can be recalled that last month, game developer Supercell has addressed the issue of dumping trophies as a strategy of some players to gain advantage in the lower level  of "Clash of Clans. The company also released an essential update to address the various problems encountered by the players. In the previous iteration, Supercell has altered the "Clash of Clans" multiplayer algorithm to prevent or penalize trophy dumping on the game's platform.

In other news, A "Clash of Clans" convention will be conducted at Helsinki in Finland on October 24. Avid fans of the mobile game will be able to get tickets starting on July 24, according to Master Herald.

Meanhile, in the Philippines, telecommunication company Smart has recently launched what "Clash of Clans" fanatics dubbed as the country's biggest tournament for the mobile game.

"The COC phenomenon has hit the Philippines big time, with Filipinos from all walks of life bonding together to form clans and compete every chance they get - on the train, while stuck in traffic, or when they are just relaxing at home. It is just about time we put together the country's biggest COC tournament and provide a venue for players and fans alike to showcase their skills in the spirit of friendly competition," Mellissa Limcaoco, head of Smart's Innovation and Product Development Group, said in a press release via the Smart's website.