British bed brand Savoir has collaborated with international designer and architect Robert Couturier to create another luxury bedroom furniture. The Art Deco-inspired bed in the 1920s is offered at $45,262.00 and comes with a luxurious king-size Savoir No. 2 bedset and HW mattress topper. A matching dog bed is priced at $3,850.00.

The lavish bed that is designed with frame and tufted headboard made from first-class Italian fabric, Dedar, according to Design & Trend. Couturier, a personal fan of Savoir beds, gushed about the "simple" design of his creation. The designer claimed that it is the most comfortable bed that he has used in his lifetime.

"I couldn't be happier with Savoir beds. I have found getting a restful night's sleep is one of the most difficult things, and it has eluded me much of my life. Savoir has truly made a huge difference. Their mattresses are heaven, and I don't hesitate to let all of my clients know!" self-confessed Couturier.

The Savoir bed made by Couturier incorporates elegant colors such as pale blue and silver matched with medium, grey-brushed woolen velvet.

Savoir beds are renowned in the world since the 1900s. The company is regarded as the "most luxurious sleeping system," according to the brand's website. Savoir beds are distinct in style as it can be made with any shape and size, stand alone or with a headboard.

Savoir bespoke mattress sets cost a whopping $8,000, which is equivalent to the price of one low-class car.

"Spend a third of your life in First Class," reads the slogan of the company. The brand claims that it's better to invest in expensive beds like Savoir which is of superior quality than wasting money on low-quality beds, Forbes reports.

The label that began in London is now available in Shanghai, New Delhi, Berlin, Paris, and New York. It also has showrooms in Stockholm, Moscow, Scottsdale, LA, Miami, and London.

Savoir is continuously partnering with well-known designers worldwide to produce impeccable superior and comfortable bedroom furniture.  Apart from Couturier, the brand has worked with designers Mary Fox Linton, Nicky Haslam, Philip Gorrivan, and Virginal White in the past.